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HUM Essay Contest Winners

In fall 2014, the HUM Program instituted an Essay Contest open to students in the first three HUM courses, with the following prompt: "Imagine that a legislative act just lengthened the semester by two weeks. Write an essay about your plans for those two weeks in your HUM 124/214/324 class. Be specific about what you will read and why, what assignments you will have and why, what activities you might add and why."

When we created the competition, our goal was also to gauge student interest in content, themes and cultures not elaborated or present in the courses currently. In this, we succeeded. We received dozens of thoughtful and insightful essays, and we are pleased to recognize the winners below. The coordinators and director of the HUM program judged these essays to be particularly clear and specific in suggested content and reasons for it. We intend to use these and all essays as we consider ways to develop and improve our program.

Congratulations to these students:

HUM 124

1st Place: Boris Fernandez
2nd Place: Gabrielle Tee

HUM 214

1st Place: Natalie Kamitsuka
2nd Place: Brittain Sluder

HUM 324

1st Place: Chantal Miller
2nd Place: Kilian Giannini
Brian S. Hook