NEH Initiatives

EBCI/Indigenous Studies Constellation Groups

An opportunity to read, listen, watch and study about the Eastern Band of Cherokee, engage with resources, discuss in small groups, and create a pedagogical product informed by this learning.  The primary purpose is to develop and talk through plans for how to put this knowledge to work, having an impact on what is taught in the classroom. The structure of self-study and group gatherings aimed to decenter hierarchies and encourage group collaboration regarding teaching approaches.

Spring 2022 Participants

  • Elena Adell, Languages & Literatures
  • Melissa Burchard, Philosophy
  • Renuka Gusain, Humanities
  • Sonia Kapur, International Studies
  • Alison Ormbsy, Environmental Studies
  • Patrick Bahls, Mathematics
  • Valeria Tezzon, Humanities
  • Leslee Johnson, English and Humanities
  • Bill Bares, Music
  • Keya Maitra, Philosophy
  • Seth Ligo, Humanities
  • Dennis Lundblad, Humanities
  • Alvis Dunn, History
  • John Falter, Humanities
  • Greta Trautmann, Languages and Literatures

Spring 2023 Participants

  • Dennis Lundblad, Humanities
  • Leslee Johnson, Humanities and English
  • Valeria Tezzon, Humanities
  • Elena Adell, Languages and Literatures
  • Seth Ligo, Humanities
  • John Falter, Humanities
  • Alison Heston, Humanities
  • Sonia Kapur, International Studies

LA 378 Course Design, Multimodal Updates, and Faculty Cohort Development


The design and implementation of the initial pilot version of the newest Humanities Program DI-R course offering, LA 378: Race, Identity, Belonging, and Cultures in the Americas, was undertaken by Jeremias Zunguze, Anne Jansen, and Juan Sanchez Martinez during Summer-Fall 2022 with the support of NEH project funds. In Spring 2023, multimodal content updates were made to the curriculum. The faculty cohort was expanded through an application process in Spring 2023. Successful applicants engaged in content and pedagogical development opportunities in Spring-Summer 2023 to prepare for teaching the course through support from NEH funds.


  • Jeremias Zunguze, International Studies and Africana Studies
  • Anne Jansen, Interdisciplinary Studies and Ethnic Studies
  • Juan Sanchez Martinez, Languages and Literatures and American Indian and Indigenous Studies
  • Leslee Johnson, Humanities and English
  • Megan Underhill, Sociology
  • Rob Shrode, Political Science
  • Diamond Forde, English
  • Sarah Judson, History
  • Elena Adell, Languages and Literatures

NEH Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Initiative


Have you ever made a change to your pedagogy in order to seek out ways to improve your students’ learning process?

I bet everyone on this campus has done so, but only a few of us have begun to present and publish on our pedagogical experiments as part of our research, in particular within the field of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Did you know that almost every department and program value statement (these are used for reappointment, tenure and promotion) validates SoTL work as part of scholarship at UNC Asheville?

As a teaching-focused liberal arts campus, we have a lot of pedagogical knowledge that needs to be shared more widely. Whether you have some experience in SoTL, or are brand new to learning how to transform your classroom insights into publishable articles, the following opportunities are for you.

SoTL Faculty Members

Elena Adell, Languages & Literatures
Sonia Kapur, International Studies
Lise Kloeppel, Drama
Dennis Lundblad, Humanities Program
James Perkins, Physics