Teaching Humanities

Teaching in the Humanities Program

UNC Asheville faculty who are interested in getting involved in the Humanities program should contact the Program Director and/or the Coordinator for the course you are interested in teaching. If you have not taught in the Humanities before, you may be eligible for the Humanities Fellows program.

2023-2024 Humanities Leadership:

  • HUM 124 Coordinator: Leslee Johnson
  • HUM 214 Coordinator: Eva Hericks-Bares
  • HUM 324 Coordinator: Alvis Dunn
  • HUM 414 Coordinator: Giovanny Pleites-Hernandez
  • LA 378 Coordinator:  Megan Underhill
  • LA 478 Coordinator: Lise Kloeppel
  • Interim Program Director: Reid Chapman
  • Humanities Community Board Members:  Carlton Smith and Katie Kitchens

Adjunct Instructors

The Humanities program is always accepting CVs from those interested in becoming adjunct faculty. These CVs are retained and referred back to when we have availability for new adjunct instructors. Our need is generally greatest for faculty in HUM 124, HUM 214, and HUM 324. If you possess the qualifications and interest to teach one of these courses as an adjunct, please email humanities@unca.edu.