Senior Capstone

The Senior Capstone is intended to be taken in a student’s final year at UNC Asheville. Students may choose between two options for the Senior Capstone course: HUM 414 “Critical Perspectives on Contemporaneity” and LA 478: “Cultivating Citizenship in a Global World.”

HUM 414 focuses on global issues and recent history, both Western and non-Western, building on information gathered and questions raised in the preceding Humanities courses. Students will develop a greater understanding of the responsibilities of and opportunities for humanity today.

LA 478 is a topical seminar course that asks students to address an issue or a group of related issues of current and future importance from an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary perspective. Students will be expected to integrate the knowledge they have acquired through their major with the wider perspectives provided in their liberal arts core courses. The issue(s) will be explored through reading, lecture, discussion, and through the presentation of a self-directed project.

Both HUM 414 and LA 478 are taught by faculty from various disciplines. Students may not receive credit for both courses.

The table below offers a brief comparison of the courses. It is intended to help students select a course that best harmonizes with their majors and their intellectual interests.