HUM 414: Critical Perspectives on Contemporaneity

Critical examination of contemporary global issues and recent world history. Builds on key themes and questions raised in the preceding Humanities courses toward a fuller understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities of humanity today. All sections meet weekly for a common lecture, and classes may include close reading, discussion, writing, presentations and project-based activities.

Prerequisites: 75 credit hours and HUM 124, 214, 324; LANG 120.

Senior Capstone Courses

UNC Asheville offers two options for the Senior Capstone course: HUM 414 “Critical Perspectives on Contemporaneity” and LA 478: “Cultivating Citizenship in a Global World.” Please visit the Senior Capstone Course Comparison page to help you  select a course that best harmonizes with your major and intellectual interests.

Click here for a glimpse into Prof. Sarah Judson’s summer course of HUM 414, part of a Study Abroad to Ireland in Summer 2023.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students demonstrate knowledge of contemporary human diversity–in cultures and in personal identities.
  2. Students identify the connection of values, beliefs, and cultural forms to humanity’s economic, social and environmental sustainability.
  3. Students write a well-supported, organized, and clearly articulated argument using both primary and secondary sources, and appropriate documentation style.
  4. Students gather, document, analyze, and integrate information about contemporary texts and other cultural forms.