Humanities Readers

Humanities Readers Project Update, Spring 2019

As part of the Mellon Award that the HUM Program received in spring 2017, the HUM Readers for HUM 124, 214 and 324 are being revised with UNC Press. Through surveys of faculty and students last year we identified the learning goals that we as a faculty want to support. The most important learning goal is student inquiry, and we wrote template introductions with that goal in mind and gathered information from those templates from faculty and students as well.

This academic year we have worked on the texts to be included in the Readers. The faculty have taken surveys on the core readings for each course, and with the results the editors are identifying works for inclusion and faculty who will contribute introductions for them. We’re producing guidelines for the introductions that incorporate the inquiry-based components we developed in the templates. This summer, invited faculty can start writing introductions and we can begin to seek copyright permissions. We plan to make the introductions a collaborative process from start to finish; we want the Readers to share and develop continuities wherever we can highlight them.

We plan to have all the readings identified by year’s end and all introductions completed by summer 2020 so that we can submit the Readers to UNC Press in fall 2020 for use by fall 2021. Our hope is that these Readers will be digital open-access texts with print on demand copies as needed. We are still working on many of the details of their appearance and content, e.g. maps, images, indices. Anyone who would like more information about the Readers is encouraged to consult the Humanities Readers Project blog. If you have other questions or would like to contribute in some way, please contact me or any of the editors: Sophie Mills and Kate Zubko (HUM 124), Renuka Gusain and Keya Maitra (HUM 214), and Alvis Dunn and James Perkins (HUM 324).

Brian S. Hook,
Professor of Classics, General Editor