Humanities Fellows

The Fellows program is open to tenure-track and tenured faculty who have never taught in the Humanities Program, or those who have exclusively taught in HUM 414 or LA 478 and are interested in contributing to one of the preceding three courses.

The purpose of the Fellowship is to support immersive preparation for teaching in the Humanities through an initial one-time course release. During this internship semester, Fellows will attend common lectures and events, faculty meetings, and several class periods of a single section or across multiple sections as arranged in a way that best supports the preparation goals of the Fellow. In exchange for the course-release, the Fellow is required to teach the course three times distributed over three consecutive years, one course each academic year. Any voluntary summer Humanities courses would not be counted in the three required contributions.

Current UNC Asheville tenure-track or tenured faculty may apply for the Humanities Fellows Program here.

Current Humanities Fellows

Megan Underhill – Sociology/Anthropology – Fall 2016
Jason Wingert – Health and Wellness – Fall 2018
Kathleen LawlorEconomics – Fall 2019
Giovanny Pleites-HernandezPolitical Science – Fall 2020
Darren BernalPsychology – Fall 2020
Doria Killian –  Languages & Literatures – Fall 2021
Lorrie Jayne –  Languages & Literatures – Fall 2021

Leslee JohnsonEnglish – Spring 2023