Humanities Affiliates

The Humanities Affiliates Program was created to allow full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty members to teach for an extended period in the HUM Program and to pursue a project of importance to the program. The following are faculty who applied and were chosen for the HUM Affiliate Program, and details about their projects.



Samer Traboulsi
Department of History
Project: “Integrating Islam in the Humanities Curriculum”

Kirk Boyle
Department of English
Project: “The Role of Film in Humanities 324 and 414”

“My project looks into what films UNC Asheville students are exposed to during their studies in the Humanities Program. How can HUM faculty enhance their syllabi by incorporating cinematic texts that represent key course concepts, events, and themes? How can we enhance and assess students’ understanding of HUM learning objectives by using the art of moving pictures? I am in the process of surveying HUM faculty to gather data on what films individual faculty teach, for what reasons, and the logistics of how they do so. Two future projects will focus on HUM 324 and 414 specifically. I will compose a 15-minute montage of film clips that represent major topics covered in HUM 324 to be shown at the final HUM 324 “lecture” before a panel of faculty debate the legacy of modernity for us today. For 414, I will either develop a film series, or because we have a couple of those that cover issues pertinent to 414, a film library and attendant instructors guide on how to use film for pedagogical purposes in 414.”

Eva Bares
Department of Art & Art History
Project: “Art in Context”

“Art in Context” will provide instructors across the Humanities sequence with visual art resources designed to integrate with and expand upon Humanities Program curriculum. Resources will include images, ready-to-use mini lectures, background info, terms, theories & methods, assignments, and in-class activities, and will be provided in multiple, easy to access forms and formats. These materials reference art from all around the globe and across several millennia, giving instructors the ability to provide both breadth and diversity when integrating the resources into their courses.


Funding for the Humanities Affiliates Program was acquired as part of a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.