Welcome to Humanities

The Humanities Program is the interdisciplinary core sequence of UNC Asheville liberal arts core requirements and a distinctive feature of what we do best. Students take three Humanities courses, usually one each year, and choose between two senior capstone experiences.

What makes our Humanities Program so distinctive?

  • It is interdisciplinary. Other schools have distributional requirements--one history, one literature, one philosophy or religion course--but UNC Asheville has students engage those disciplines in combination, and
  • It is broadly interdisciplinary. Faculty from 20 departments and programs across campus have contributed to the HUM Program, including faculty from the Social and Natural Sciences: Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Physics and Chemistry are represented in our curricula.
  • It spans a student's career, from first to last year. Many schools with interdisciplinary programs have one or two year general requirements, but UNC Asheville graduates continue their interdisciplinary experience through their final year, when it is most informed by their major disciplines and their own previous Humanities courses.
  • It is "core" in terms of the fundamental skills of inquiry, critical thinking, reading, writing and communication more than in its adherence to canonical content, which allows flexibility, diversity and inclusion of many sources from many perspectives.

The Humanities Program encourages and equips students to engage the complexity of the world that we live in, and this has value not only personally, but also for their profession and civic lives.

The Humanities Program is a Hallmark of UNC Asheville

Achieving nationwide recognition by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Association of American Colleges and Universities, Fiske Guide to Colleges, The Princeton Review: The Best 331 Colleges and U.S. News and World Report.