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Humanities Program  


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Quatrain on Heavenly MountainThe interdisciplinary Humanities program is concerned with the wide range of human ideas, values and institutions. The courses examine what we have achieved in our several thousand years of recorded history, what we have desired, what we have believed, and how these concerns and passions influence us. 

The Humanities program draws together faculty and subject matter from all of the liberal arts—especially history, literature and philosophy but also religion, natural science, social science and fine arts.

All Humanities classes involve close reading of primary sources and literary works, informal discussion and gradual refinement of the student’s capacity for written and oral response.

Humanities Minor

A minor in humanities will give you an opportunity to study a particular topic from the perspective of several disciplines. You will find yourself challenged as you broaden your knowledge.

For information about requirements view the Course Catalog.

Congratulations to recent Humanities Minor graduate, Graelin Chidsey!

Our knowledge is the amassed thought and experience of innumerable minds.         Ralph Waldo Emerson

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