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Humanities Program  

Hum 324: The Modern World

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The Asheville Reader- The Modern WorldThe Modern World investigates ideas and values from the scientific revolution of the 17th century to WWII, emphasizing the various revolutions: scientific, political, industrial and social (e.g., the rise of feminism), and their influence on philosophy, religion, literature and the arts. Fall and Spring. (Fewer sections offered in the fall.)

Prerequisite: HUM 214. 

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students demonstrate knowledge of the intellectual and cultural trends of modern civilization as global.
  2. Students identify different values and worldviews, with an emphasis upon understanding relationships: between government, religion, art, and science and between the individual , society, and the global community.
  3. Students write a well-supported, organized, and clearly articulated argument using both primary and secondary sources, and correct documentation style.
  4. Students critically analyze, in writing and orally, religious and secular philosophies, power-structures and their meaning in the modern world.

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