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Humanities Program  

Hum 214: The Medieval World

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The Asheville Reader- The Medieval & Renaissance WorldIn HUM 214 we look at world civilization from the 4th to the 17th centuries, emphasizing European developments, but also attending to parallel developments in African, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Meso American cultures. Areas of study include philosophy, religion, history, art, literature, music and political systems.  Fall and Spring. (Fewer sections offered in the spring.)

Prerequisite: HUM 124.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students demonstrate knowledge in the interdisciplinary study of pre-modern civilizations, both in writing and orally
  2. Students identify the key elements of a primary text and other cultural products
  3. Students write a well-supported, organized, and clearly articulated argument using both primary and secondary sources
  4. Students demonstrate knowledge of the belief systems and worldviews held by the diverse cultures studied


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